Reintroduction: the artist

Kia Ora, hi, hello!

Some of you are new here, some of you are familiar with myself and my work. Whoever you are, you’ve made it all the way here so, welcome! Welcome to my first (probably average) blog.

Disclaimer: I am not a writer, words are not my thing, I have never been savvy when it comes to telling a story, I usually word vomit, I can be lazy with grammar, definitely go off track from time to time but what the hell! I’m just going to type and see where this takes me, there’s really no better way to learn about this crazy lil Wellingtonian make-up artist, this is it. This is me. No apologies!

Why do a reintroduction?

I don’t know about you, but this whole lockdown situation, the new levels of intoxicating internet culture, the scroll hole addiction, overwhelming pressure to be outspoken about all that is wrong with the world and so on… I’m not gonna lie, I lost myself. I lost touch with the artist I recognised within me. I lost sight of where I was headed, my vision no longer had clarity, my passion suddenly felt forbidden and I felt stuck. Uninspired. Guilty. Exhausted. Lost. All of it. I’m sure some of you are feeling it too, you’re not alone.

I wanted to use this opportunity to reinvent myself as an artist, rediscover my love for this craft, rebuild my brand and find new ways to engage with and inspire my audience, a.k.a you guys! Not sure if this blog thing will work out long-term, but trying something new.

Why make-up artistry?

I originally started painting acrylic on canvas, I never even wore make-up growing up, maybe mascara at the most (I know, crazy!). If you had told me 10 years ago that I would grow up to work as a Make-up Artist, I probably would have laughed at you, there’s absolutely no way. I described myself more as a tom-boy type, you never saw me in a dress or a skirt, I lived in flats, usually some type of sneakers, I enjoyed all of the adrenaline outdoorsie activities. Basically, the opposite of a girly girl! During those schooling years, art class and painting was where I found my peace and my passion. I could sit and paint for hours. It was my sense of escape, a sense of control (especially after a bad day), it was mine to create and dictate. I loved everything about how painting made me feel. Did I want to do this for a living? Well, I didn’t wanna take away the one thing that I could turn to, the one thing that kept my sanity at bay. Ok, but what else am I gonna do?

“Why don’t you try make-up artistry?” I thought my mama was insane, I didn’t know a damn thing about that. Does she pay attention to me at all? I hate all that girly sh*t. She completely changed my perspective on make-up, she had to shift my mindset to look at someones face as a canvas, another way to create art. The rest is history.

Art is everything and it is everywhere, it is a huge part of me and who I am. I miss the girl who used to let go when she had a brush in her hand, the girl who loved to inspire and be inspired. The modern internet culture totally stripped me of that and I fell into a hole. I know I am responsible for allowing myself to get to this point, but I also know that it is up to me to pull myself out of it.

So, here I am, reintroducing the artist 2.0. Let’s make some f*cking magic.

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